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How ExtraClass Works

Let's walk you through. It's fairly straight forward


Choose a Tutor

Browse through hundreds of tutors with expertise in over 100 subjects, courses and skills. Sort by category and location. Read tutors’ bio, reviews and view their gallery.


Book Appointment

Find the time and date that work best for you on the tutor’s calendar, then message and book tutors directly. You can also contact the tutor via a phone call or e-mail.


Learn Conveniently

Learn at your own pace and location. Though all tutors are 100% vetted and trusted, you may want to review a tutor to give other learners a taste. It’s that simple.

Featured Tutors

Meet our hand-picked expert tutors who have delivered great learning experiences


Robust Test Prep Solution

We don’t just help you get an expert tutor near you, we ensure that you assimilate all that you were taught by providing you with an intelligent and robust Test Prep solution. From English to Mathematics to many others; all past questions & answers are accurate and updated.

Why ExtraClass

Reason we are exceptional

It's Automatic

We don’t make the decision, you do. With ExtraClass you have the expert tutors on your palm to choose who you want. You view their gallery; see their faces; watch their videos; read their reviews and book them directly.

Vetted Tutors

All of our tutors are carefully examined and scrutinized by us to ensure they are qualified and suitable for you or your child. Most of them have their certificates uploaded for you to see. Expect quality learning experience.

100% Free

Click-bait? Please wait! We won’t stoop so low. We employ 100% commission free environment for our tutors thereby making tutorials and learning experiences affordable for learners. You are truly in charge.

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